Why a picture is worth a thousand words:

I plan out each craft, but even I don't know what the final product will look like.
A picture describes the results of what I create. It can be interpreted by me through words,
but only truly interpreted by others in the viewing and experience of the product.

Kenny Mac's 23rd Birthday Window
This is a stained glass panel created by: Jil MacMenamin of Mac-Rand Systems & Designs.
It was designed and crafted by Jil for her son Kenny Mac's 23 birthday.
The tree contains a green glass glob for each year. The meadow, stream,
mountain and sky reflect Kenny Mac's love of the out doors and interaction with agriculture.

Bed Room Window Stained Glass
This stained glass panel, is the first panel large panel Jil created.
It is from a pattern book, but has been modified to incorporate
JilMac's trademark style: glass globs, bevels and clear glass.
The pair hang in Jil & Pete's bedroom windows.
They symbolize their growing love.
Front Windows Stained Glass
A set of three diagonal windows show off the street side of the Mac-Rand Workshop.
There is one horizontal matching window for the north side bay window of the workshop.
Jeffrey's Heart Window
This window is hanging in my Brothers Appartment.
It brightens his kitchen while providing privacy.

All of these are original designs by:
Jil MacMenamin
Mac-Rand Systems & Designs